People I Hate At The Airport (part 2 ish)

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    Hey girl, just wanted to let you know how much of a sexy time explosion I would love to make while we hug with sparkle rainbows and we're all like woooahh what's happening this is the most electric thing I have ever felt and then we realize it's because we're standing next to and apparently touching the wires of the electric fence that hold all the dinosaurs in at Jurrasic Park especially the cage with the velociraptors and we're like omg don't touch that it hurts so much and it's making our hair stand up and now my skin kind of burns but not like a rash burn more like a oh wow my flesh is like burning off kind of burn and we realize that it's not because we are hugging it's because we're being electrocuted so we decide to stop and you're all like well why don't we just go over to my house and we can ride bike or roller blade and if you like chocolate milk i have that too and my mom also buys me dunkaroos although we're not supposed to eat them all the time but she doesn't get home from work until 530 so we have time to eat some of those did you have pizza nuggets for lunch because i did and they were really good, and I'm all like hey that sounds like such a great idea and then maybe after we can go to that big dip thing where all the rain water sits for days after it rains in front of that creepy old guys' house and we can float pine cones in it like a little pond and we'll call them ships and noids and we can play that until we get bored of it and then get some big thick blades of grass and put them between our thumbs and blow on them and make that weird like dying duck noise and make people in the neighborhood confused as to WHAT THE FUCK ALL THAT RUCKUS IS and then we'll laugh and run back to my house and maybe make a few water balloons and play 1 2 3 which is like a quicker more intense and requires running version of hide and seek with chris and nate and then mom will be all like fucking get inside it's time for dinner and you'll be like nooooo mom let us play for a little while longer and she says 10 more minutes and you get excited but then she starts talking to Joanna from down the street and before you know it you get like 30 extra minutes and it's super great and you're like haha mom you said 10 minutes but then you realize that she won't stop talking to Joanna and now your friend is gone home for dinner and you're actually getting kind of hungry so you're like, moooommmmm come on I don't want to listen to your old lady banter anymore this is boorrring I want to go play with my gerbil I have shit to do, and then when you finally drag her home you go and eat grilled cheeses for dinner with some soup because it's really fast to make and oh look full house is on and then oh my god I'm getting really tired just kidding I'm asleep. WHAT ARE THIS. Avalanches of carrot branches.
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